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Use this form to notify a newly hired temporary staff employee of the terms and conditions of a specific temporary staff appointment. Complete the fields at the top of the form prior to having the employee review and sign it.

Required authorizations

Where to send completed form

Send this form, along with the rest of the employee's new hire forms, to the Human Resources staff in your Business Center.

Additional information

Should it become necessary to modify the end date for this appointment, please provide the employee with the following letter outlining the changes made to the original appointment. Give the original letter to the employee and retain a copy in department personnel files. The letter should be accessible for review by the Office of Human Resources if necessary.


Dear (Employee):

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that your temporary appointment in the Department of (name) has been extended. Your new appointment end date is (date). All other terms and conditions of this temporary appointment remain unchanged. Please sign below to acknowledge your acceptance of this change.

(Signature and date areas on this letter should be provided for the supervisor first, then the employee.)

Task expert

Your Business Center Human Resources staff.


Revised 06/03/14

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