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This form is used to record:

Overtime definition for classified staff may be found in Article 25 of the SEIU collective bargaining agreement . Overtime pay for all other appointment types: if you exceed 40 hours in a week (Sunday through Saturday), you are eligible for overtime.

More information about shift differentials may be found in Article 20, Section 4 of the SEIU collective bargaining agreement .

Instructions for hourly employees:

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Instructions for salaried employees reporting additional hours:

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If you are currently on Protected Leave (FMLA/OFLA, Military or Worker’s Compensation), you must also record the number of hours used each day for these leaves in the Protected Leave Tracking Section of the timesheet. This is in addition to entering your time under “Leave Taken” or “Other Leave Without Pay”, which identifies what type of paid or unpaid leave you wish to use for your time off. For examples on how to record the use of your protected leave, please visit Reporting Protected Leave on the Monthly Timesheet.

For additional information or leave related questions please refer to the Leave Administration Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines .

Instructions for supervisors:

Verify hours; sign timesheet; give to your Business Center Human Resources staff by the date indicated on the Business Center HR/PR Calendar.

Instructions for Business Center Human Resources staff:

Audit the timesheets according to all applicable rules, regulations and the collective bargaining agreement. Make necessary corrections and communications.Send over to your Business Center Payroll staff.

Instructions for Business Center Payroll staff:

Enter timesheets into the time entry screen in Banner during the time entry window. Communicate closely with your Business Center Human Resources staff for questions regarding timesheets. The timesheets are then returned to the Business Center Human Resources staff for retention purposes.

Task expert

Your Business Center Human Resources staff.


Revised 08/30/2018

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