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Required authorizations

Faculty member signature
Department Head/Chair
Dean or Director
Office of Human Resources (eligibility, service, salary date verification)

All three copies of the application should have original signatures.

This request must be approved at the Dean or Vice President level.  The Office of the Provost maintains the list of authorized delegated signature authorities.  The individual signing as Dean or Vice President must be named on this list: Delegated Signature Authority List
If your Dean requires authorization from another person in his/her unit, have this person sign and date the form in the space just above the Approvals/Signatures section.

Items to attach to this form

A completed Application and Contract for Sabbatical Leave has three pages:
Page 1 is the Application and Contract
Page 2 is OSU Standards on Sabbatical Leave
Page 3 is the purpose of sabbatical leave statement.

After completing this application, make two copies. OSU Standards (page 2) must appear on the reverse side of the Contract.

Attach a copy of the faculty member's current resume or vita.

Where to send completed form

After the Dean/Director has signed, forward the original Application and Contract for Sabbatical Leave and two copies to:

Edith Birky, Office of Human Resources
In-person delivery: 236 Kerr Administration Building

Campus & postal mail:
Center for HR Solutions
Office of Human Resources
Oregon State University
236 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-2132

Additional instructions

Upon approval by the Provost, three copies will be returned to the Dean/Director's office for distribution as follows:
1. Faculty member
2. Department
3. Dean/Director's office

The Office of Human Resources will retain an approved copy of the Application and Contract for Sabbatical Leave in the "official" University file.  Human Resources will also send an approved copy to Research Accounting.

Departments/Business Centers: be sure to complete the Place Job on Sabbatical Leave form at least one month prior to the approved sabbatical start date.

When signed by all parties, this document becomes a contract.  Cancellation of the leave, change in dates, purpose, or any other conditions must be approved by all signatories of this agreement.  Cancellations should be made by letter.  Other changes may be made on copies and initialed by all signatories, or a substitute agreement marked "revised" may be submitted.

In January, a letter will be sent to those faculty members who were on sabbatical the previous calendar year certifying the dates the employee was on leave.  This may be used by the faculty member for tax purposes, as desired.

Task expert:

Edith Birky, Human Resources Officer
(541) 737-0736 or Edith.Birky@oregonstate.edu

Revised 08/05/2018

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