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Complete this form to request overload compensation on behalf of a faculty member.  Overload compensation is any compensation, other than administrative stipend, paid to a faculty member for services in excess of full-time effort for institutionally-sponsored activities.

Activities that are typical sources of overload compensation include: Ecampus curriculum development and course instruction, continuing education courses, University Honors College, Extension Service education programming, consulting, seminars, and similar services.

Regular on-campus classes are allowable only under extraordinary, short term, and emergency circumstances with prior approval.

Time spent in support of Sponsored Agreements is rarely allowable for overload compensation. Exceptions are limited per OMB Circular A-21 and must be approved in writing in advance by the sponsoring agency and the University Office of Post Award Administration.

Courses, whether delivered face-to-face or in an asynchronous mode, vary in complexity and the time they require from an instructor. Instructional faculty members are assigned to courses based upon their skills and their ability to provide a quality educational experience. Compensation for instructional work is not done on an hourly basis.

Academic unit supervisors or deans, in consultation with the vice Provost for Academic Affairs and International Programs, are responsible for identifying an appropriate range for overload instruction in their units with a clear justification for how those compensation levels are set.

Non-teaching overload work is to be consistent with compensation for similar work delivered by an employee in the course of her or his normal full-time duties. An employee is to be paid their current rate of pay at the time the work is performed, unless justification supports an alternative rate of pay based on supporting justification.

Presidents, vice presidents, deans and other equivalent level officers are ineligible for overload compensation.

Required authorizations

The employee must read and sign the Conflict of Commitment policy and documentation must be on file in the employee’s department personnel file. The Employing College/Unit and the Employee’s Supervisor must certify that they have read the Overload and Conflict of Commitment policies and certify that the request for overload complies with the policy guidelines and requirements prior to the work being performed. For employees from other OUS institutions, the employing college/unit must authorize and certify accordingly, as well as the employee’s department/unit from the other OUS institution.

Items to attach to this form

For employees working 1.0 FTE in another OUS institution who have never worked at OSU: complete the appropriate OSCAR Recruit/Appoint online task for an academic wage appointment. Enclose the resulting academic wage job form and applicable attachments with this request.

Where to send completed form

Please send to the Human Resources staff in your Business Center.

Additional instructions

This task requests overload compensation approval.  To request payment, complete the Request for Employee Payment form and forward this form to the OSU Central Payroll Office.

Task expert

Viki Dimick Jackson, Employee and Labor Relations Manager, (541) 737-5355

Revised 06/17/2015

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