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Overpayment Notice Instructions

Complete this form immediately when an overpayment is discovered.

Instructions & Notes:

1. Complete all sections of the form.
2. Check the appropriate reason.  If you check "other," please explain.
3. Complete the overpayment box and explain your calculations.

Required authorizations

 Department/Unit approver

Where to send completed form

OSU Central Payroll Office / Business Affairs
In-person delivery & campus mail: 106 Kerr Administration Building

Postal mail:
OSU Central Payroll Office
Oregon State University
PO Box 1086
Corvallis, OR 97339-1086

Additional instructions

This form must be received by the OSU Central Payroll Office by the 15th of the month to be effective for pay issued that month.

Need help? Contact the Payroll Specialists:

Appointment type Telephone extension
Academic Wage 7-0574
Classified 7-0577
Graduate Assistant 7-0573
Student Employee 7-0576
Temporary Staff 7-0576
Unclassified 7-0574

Revised 5/27/2010

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