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Request for Termination Pay Instructions

Complete this form to facilitate timely processing of final pay for an employee leaving all paid employment status at OSU.  You must also complete the OSCAR online task to terminate employment and send the resulting Employment Termination form to your Business Center for processing.

Instructions & Notes:

1. Complete this form once for each position/suffix that pay is to be issued on.
2. Complete instructions for disposition of final check.
3. Indicate the month and year the pay is for at the top of the pay section.
4. Complete data in the pay information section. Up to four records can be entered per section.
5. If entering overtime hours, please enter the regular hourly rate of pay.
6. Below the Pay Information section, indicate if default pay for the month is to be stopped.
7. Use the "Remarks" section for any information you feel will be helpful in processing the final pay.  (Items such as prior month leave-without-pay should go here.)

Required authorizations

Department/Unit approver

Items to attach to this form

For leave-eligible classified and unclassified employees, attach a copy of the current and prior month's time sheets.

Where to send completed form

OSU Central Payroll Office / Business Affairs
In-person delivery & campus mail: 106 Kerr Administration Building

Postal mail:
OSU Central Payroll Office
Oregon State University
PO Box 1086
Corvallis, OR 97339-1086

Additional Information

For leave-eligible employees, vacation, compensatory time, or exchange time balances must be verified before they can be paid.

Oregon law requires termination payment as follows:
Employee quits without notice: payment is due in five working days.
Employee gives 48 hours notice: payment is due on final day.
Employee is discharged: payment is due immediately or by the next business day.

Employees picking up checks at the OSU Central Payroll Office must bring two pieces of photo ID.  Department personnel picking up checks at the OSU Central Payroll Office will be asked to sign for them, and should also bring photo ID.

For more information regarding termination pay, refer to the Payroll Section of the Oregon State University Policies and Procedure Handbook.

Need help? Contact the Payroll Specialists:

Appointment type Telephone extension
Academic Wage 7-0574
Classified 7-0573
Graduate Assistant 7-0577
Student Employee 7-0576
Temporary Staff 7-0573
Unclassified 7-0574

Revised 06/03/14

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