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Criminal History Check Disclosure Notice and Authorization Release Form - Instructions

If a position requires a Criminal History Check, finalists for the position will be instructed to complete and submit a Criminal History Check Disclosure Notice and Release Authorization. The Criminal History Check may be completed while the other verifications (employment, education, etc.) being are being done.  
Criminal History Checks may be fingerprint-based or non-fingerprint-based dependent on residency history of the applicant, access types of the critical or security-sensitive position, or the necessity to verify the identity of an applicant. If fingerprints are required, the Office of Human Resources will instruct the applicant via email. Fingerprint services are offered free of charge on campus through the Department of Public Safety, or at local law enforcement or fingerprinting services agencies for a fee.

A Criminal History Check may be required of a person currently serving as an employee or volunteer if he/she seeks appointment to a new position that is designated as a critical or security-sensitive position.  A non-fingerprint-based Criminal History Check may be conducted every two years following date of hire, initial service date, or position assignment for an employee or volunteer providing service in a university-sponsored Youth Program, or more frequently pursuant to OSU STANDARD 576-055-0160.  
Satisfactory completion of a Criminal History Check is considered a minimum qualification for a critical or security-sensitive position.  The appointment of an applicant, current employee, or volunteer to a position designated as critical or security-sensitive is contingent on the university’s determination of fitness based on the Criminal History Check.  No applicant for a critical or security-sensitive position will begin employment or service until the Criminal History Check process has been completed and a satisfactory determination of fitness to hold the position has been made. 

All University employees and volunteers whose position descriptions are designated as critical or security-sensitive are required to notify the Assistant Vice President or the Associate Director of the Office of Human Resources if they are convicted of a crime as identified in OSU STANDARD 576-055-0060 while serving in these positions.

Confidentiality: The business center contact and the supervisor listed on the posting receive results from the Office of Human Resources.  Notification will either state that the Criminal History Check results are satisfactory, or will state that the applicant does not meet the minimum qualifications.  Before making an adverse fitness determination, an applicant will be provided notice by the university either by electronic or certified mail to the address provided by the applicant.  The notice will include a copy of the applicant’s criminal history report and a summary of his/her rights under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Required authorizations

The applicant returns the completed release to: (please use only ONE method):

In-person delivery:
236 Kerr Administration Building
Employment/Office of Human Resources

Campus and postal mail:
Office of Human Resources, OSU
236 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-2132

Fax: 541-737-7771

Task expert

Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning
(541) 737-0549 or employment@oregonstate.edu

Revised 09/05/2018
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