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Conversion Request / Classified to Unclassified - Instructions

Use this form to request that a classified position be converted to an unclassified position, based on a significant change of position duties, authority and responsibilities. Each request will have special circumstances. The Office of Human Resources will assist each department with their request.

All requests are subject to approval by the OSU Office of Human Resources and the Oregon University System Chancellor's Office. In addition, these requests are subject to review by SEIU, the Service Employees International Union representing classified employees.

Should this request be approved, you will receive instructions to complete the appropriate OSCAR online task for a position conversion. This task will terminate the classified job and begin an unclassified job.

Required authorizations

Dean/Vice President or Designee

This request must be approved at the Dean or Vice President level.  The Office of the Provost maintains the list of authorized delegated signature authorities.  The individual signing as Dean or Vice President must be named on this list Delegated Signature Authority List.

If your Dean requires authorization from another person in his/her unit, have this person sign and date the form in the space just above the Approvals/Signatures section.

Items to attach to this form

Where to send completed form

Office of Human Resources
In-person delivery: 236 Kerr Administration Building

Campus & postal mail:
Center for HR Solutions
Office of Human Resources
Oregon State University
236 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-2132

Additional instructions

Definitions used when completing this form:

The employee class for this position is visible in the Banner form NBAPOSN.

Chart for Employee E-Classes

Classified Employee Classes:
CA Salaried, Full-Time, appt% = 100%
CB Salaried, Part-Time, appt% <100%
CD Hourly, Full-Time, appt% = 100%
CE Hourly, Part-Time, appt% <100%

Unclassified Employee Classes:
UA Teaching/Research, 9-month, appt% = 50%+ 
UB Teaching/Research,12-month, appt% = 50%+ 
UC Teaching/Research, 9-month, appt% <50%;
UD Teaching/Research, 12-month, appt% <50%
UT Unclassifed Hourly, 9 or 12 month, any appt%
UE Non-Teaching,  9-month, appt% = 50%+ 
UF Non-Teaching,  12-month, appt% =50%+
UG Non-Teaching,  9-month, appt% <50% 
UH Non-Teaching,  12-month, appt <50%
UT Unclassifed Hourly, 9 or 12 month, any appt%  

Appointment % = monthly FTE, multiplied by 100

Salary Comparators: this information assists in establishing the appropriateness of the proposed unclassified full-time annual salary rate. Please provide the incumbent names, ranks, job titles and full-time annual salary rates for OSU unclassified positions you consider to be comparable to the one being proposed.

Task expert

Tracey Yee,Classification and Compensation Manager
(541) 737-5426 or Tracey.Yee@oregonstate.edu

Revised 08/13/2018

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