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Departments may name an individual as a Courtesy or Affiliate faculty member based on the OSU Policy for Courtesy and Affiliate Faculty. Letter formats are included in this policy. Courtesy or Affiliate faculty status may not be held in conjunction with active paid OSU employment. All OSU jobs, if any, must be in terminated status.

Some information on the Courtesy faculty form will display after certain fields are completed, as this form was designed to be completed online, then printed. If you decide to print the form and then complete it, please ensure that these steps are taken first: 1) in the top block, select either Courtesy or Affiliate status; and 2) complete the Appointee Information block.

Required authorizations

Are included on the attached Courtesty faculty notice letter or the Affiliate faculty notice letter.

Items to attach to this form and where to send it - Courtesy faculty

Items to attach to this form - Affiliate faculty

Task expert

Your Business Center Human Resources staff.


Revised 06/10/14

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