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Student Employment Information Release Form - Instructions

Periodically, the Office of Human Resources receives requests for information from the Oregon Employment Department. In order to abide by FERPA rules, the student must complete a Student Employment Information Release Form authorizing the University to release pertinent information to the Oregon Employment Department.

This form will serve as authorization allowing the department to provide information about a student’s employment status, and employment history, for the purposes of employment verification and job references. Additionally, it will release Oregon State University from all liability for issuing this information to parties who may request it.

The student returns the completed form directly to the supervisor/manager.  The supervisor/manager retains a copy of the signed document for the student employee’s department personnel file for future reference, and forwards the completed form to the Human Resources staff in your Business Center to scan into Nolij.

Required authorizations

The student’s signature is required.

Where to send completed form

Please send to the Human Resources staff in your Business Center.

Task expert

Emploment Verification, (541) 737-3743

Revised 05/30/14

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