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PAR Form Instructions

Use this form to create a PAR form for someone who did not have one created when the forms were run. If the employee is a new hire and there was a delay in their pay, attach a copy of the Job Form. If a labor distribution is being processed causing a PAR form to be necessary where it wasn't before, attach a copy of the labor distribution. Do NOT create a new PAR form when one was originally printed. Make corrections to the original PAR form, attach a copy of the labor distribution and return it to OPAA. Enter the Quarter the PAR form is covering, the employee’s ID (Not PIDM) and Name (Last, First Middle or Middle Initial). On the next line enter the employee’s Home Org as shown in Banner and the title of that org. Under Index, list the index the employee was paid on, the title of that index, the fund, org, acct, prog, and activity codes and the total amount of the pay for the period. List the same information for all the indexes the person was paid on. When the pay is finished, total the dollar amount of the pay and include that total. Also compute the percentage each index is of that total. The percentages added together must be 100%.

Required authorization

Print the form, attach the required forms, and have the employee sign the completed PAR form. If the employee can’t sign the form, have the person with first hand knowledge of the employee’s work sign the form. This might be the supervisor, the PI or other individual working in a supervisory capacity.

Items to attach to this form

Job Form, Labor Distribution Form, and/or PHRLRAR Banner report for documentation of the change(s).

Where to send the completed form

After the form is signed, make a copy for the department files and return the original along with the backup to:

In-person delivery & campus mail:
Attention Donna Stoneberg
Office of Post Award Administration
B306 Kerr Administration Building

Postal mail:
Office of Post Award Administration
Attention Donna Stoneberg
Oregon State University
PO Box 1086
Corvallis, OR 97339-1086

Need help?

For questions, contact Donna Stoneberg at 541-737-2235 or donna.stoneberg@oregonstate.edu

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