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SF 298 Instructions

To be completed by Principal Investigator at end of Office of Naval Research award within 90 days of award end date.

The form should be signed by either the contributing organization or Principle Investigator of the award, depending on who completed the form.
1. REPORT DATE. Full publication date, including day, month, if available. Must cite at least the year and be Year 2000 compliant, e.g. 30-06-1998; xx-06-1998; xx-xx-1998.
2. REPORT TYPE. State the type of report, such as final, technical, interim, memorandum, master's thesis, progress, quarterly, research, special, group study, etc.
3. DATES COVERED. Indicate the time during which the work was performed and the report was written, e.g., Jun 1997 -Jun 1998; 1-10 Jun 1996; May - Nov 1998; Nov 1998.
4. TITLE. Enter title and subtitle with volume number and part number, if applicable. On classified documents, enter the title classification in parentheses.
5a. CONTRACT NUMBER. Enter all contract numbers as they appear in the report.
5b. GRANT NUMBER. Enter all grant numbers as they appear in the report.
5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER. Enter all program element numbers as they appear in the report.
5d. PROJECT NUMBER. Enter all project numbers as they appear in the report.
5e. TASK NUMBER. Enter all task numbers as they appear in the report.
5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER. Enter all work unit numbers as they appear in the report.
6. AUTHOR(S). Enter name(s) of person(s) responsible for writing the report, performing the research, or credited with the content of the report. The form of entry is the last name, first name, middle initial, and additional qualifiers separated by commas.
8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER. Enter all unique alphanumeric report numbers assigned by the performing organization.
9. SPONSORING/MONITORING AGENCY NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES). Enter the name and address of the organization(s) financially responsible for and monitoring the work.
10. SPONSOR/MONITOR'S ACRONYM(S). Enter, if available.
11. SPONSOR/MONITOR'S REPORT NUMBER(S). Enter report number as assigned by the sponsoring/ monitoring agency, if available.
12. DISTRIBUTION/AVAILABILITY STATEMENT. Use agency-mandated availability statements to indicate the public availability or distribution limitations of the report. If additional limitations/ restrictions or special markings are indicated, follow agency authorization procedures.
13. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES. Enter information not included elsewhere such as: prepared in cooperation with; translation of; report supersedes; old edition number, etc.
14. ABSTRACT. A brief (approximately 200 words) factual summary of the most significant information.
15. SUBJECT TERMS. Key words or phrases identifying major concepts in the report.
16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION. Enter security classification in accordance with security classification regulations, e.g. U, C, S, etc. If this form contains classified information, stamp classification level on the top and bottom of this page.
17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT. This block must be completed to assign a distribution limitation to the abstract. Enter UU (Unclassified Unlimited) or SAR (Same as Report). An entry in this block is necessary if the abstract is to be limited. Standard Form 298 Back (Rev. 8/98)

Required authorization

Principal Investigator

Items to attach to this form

If more space is needed, please attach additional sheets.

Where to send the completed form

See Award/Modification sheet to determine how many copies are needed and where to send the information.

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Contact your departmental accountant.

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