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Purchasing Card Application

This is a US Bank credit card issued to a department to streamline the purchase of low value goods and services, for official business. Fill the form out completely when requesting a new account or as a notification of any changes being made to the card. For complete information regarding the Purchasing Card and what it can be used for please refer to Accounts Payable on Business Affairs web site: OSU Purchasing Card

Required authorization

The custodian's and budget authority's signature

Items to attach to this form

For a new account complete the Purchasing Card Departmental Agreement with the Custodian, Account manager, Business Manager and the Budgetary Authority's signatures and the Purchasing Card User Agreement with the custodian and designated users signatures.

Where to send the completed form

Send these forms to Accounts Payable

In-person delivery & campus mail: Attn: Rose Hamilton B106 Kerr Administration Building

Postal mail:
Accounts Payable
Attn: Rose Hamilton
Oregon State University
PO Box 1086
Corvallis, OR 97339-1086

Need help?

Contact Rose Hamilton at 737-0650 or call Accounts Payable mainline at 737-4262

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