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What Can I Do Here?

Complete one of these forms when:

1. There is change in the amount the vendor is being paid.

2. If a copy of the vendors original invoice, that has Accounts Payable as the final approver, is needed by the department.

Please Note: The vendor setup and maintenance process has changed effective 02/01/14.

How Do I Proceed?

To see instructions or specific information about a form or online task, click the ( Help Icon ) to the left of the form name. To open a form, click link below.

Notice of Invoice Change
Vendor Document Request

OSU Substitute W9s, W8 Cover pages  and Vendor Activation forms are no longer downloadable .  Versions of these forms previously found on OSCAR are no longer valid and will not be accepted by OSU’s Vendor Maintenance office.

The New Vendor Setup system has been implemented campus wide to allow users to submit requests to set up new vendors through OSU Online Services (Self-Service). It represents the combined efforts of Business Affairs, Enterprise Computing Services and the Business Centers to improve the vendor setup process to provide more timely and reliable communication, tracking of requests, and improved vendor relations with more timely payment.

Rather than entering vendor information on a paper form, requesters will now enter vendor information online and then receive automated emails that help track the status of each request. The system automates delivery and tracking of customized tax forms required for setup (substitute W9/W8 cover page). The New Vendor Setup system establishes a new university wide process for:

  • Requests to create vendor records for Domestic and Foreign Commercial Businesses
  • Requests to create vendor records for Individuals that operate as businesses (sole proprietors, independent contractors)
  • Requests to create vendor records for students, employees, volunteers, candidates, and participants
  • Requests to reactivate terminated vendors
  • Requests to perform vendor address updates to students, employees, volunteers, candidates, and participants

Access to the New Vendor Setup system requires approval from your business center. If you are interested in getting access or need to setup a vendor right away, please contact your business center. If you want to learn more about how the system works, please visit New Vendor Setup Training Resources.  Here you can find a training tutorial which will give you an interactive walkthrough of the New Vendor Setup solution.  You will also find answers to frequently asked questions and Quick Reference Cards, which are designed to remind you of the steps for submitting setup requests for various vendor types.