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Create Performance Evaluation - Classified IT Comp Plan Instructions

Supervisors: do not attempt to complete this evaluation form until you have read and understood the instructions at http://www.ous.edu/dept/hr/compensation.php

The performance evaluation is a critical element in a successful performance management system. It should be a continuous part of the communication between the employee and the supervisor. Performance evaluations assist the supervisor in providing coaching and ongoing feedback and assist in facilitating achievement of performance expectations.

Each employee must receive a performance evaluation prior to the end of trial service and again at least annually prior to his or her performance review date. This will include an evaluation of the employee’s success in meeting performance expectations. The appraisal should assess performance, behavior, accomplishments, needed improvements, and goals for the employee. The evaluation should also include training and development received during the review period and/or training and development recommended for the next review period.

NOTE: Supervisors are encouraged to seek input from the employee in preparation for performance evaluations. For additional information, contact the Office of Human Resources.


  1. The Office of Human Resources notifies the department 90 days in advance of performance appraisal and pay change due date by sending a list of department employees to be evaluated.
  2. The supervisor reviews position description with the employee and seeks input from the employee in preparation for the evaluation. The supervisor and employee may informally discuss the following areas: accomplishments, performance, behavior, progress made toward prior evaluation goals and establishment of future goals, training/development received and/or training recommended, and performance improvements needed.
  3. The supervisor and employee review position description to determine if job duties are current. If needed, the position description is revised and a copy sent to the Office of Human Resources.
  4. After considering feedback from employee, if any, the supervisor writes the performance evaluation, stating examples of work and summarizing the employee's performance.
  5. The supervisor (or his/her designee) completes the base pay rate section of the OSCAR classified job change task to initiate the IT annual merit increase. (Note: in the OSCAR website, login privilege to this job change task is restricted to employees with Banner HRIS General Query access.)
  6. The supervisor and department reviewer both sign and date the performance appraisal and then send to the Office of Human Resources along with the classified job change form. The employee should not sign the appraisal until it has been reviewed and signed by the Appointing Authority.
  7. The Office of Human Resources returns signed form to the department. The supervisor discusses the appraisal and establishes the next year's goals with the employee; the employee signs and dates the appraisal form.
  8. The supervisor returns the original appraisal form to the Office of Human Resources and provides a copy to the employee. The department also keeps one copy.
  9. The Office of Human Resources receives the appraisal form. The classified job change is now processed, and the review form becomes a part of the employee's personnel file.

Where to send completed form

Please send to the human resources staff in your business center.

Task expert

Your business center human resources staff.

Revised 4/07/11

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