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When an employee is leaving the University for any reason, Oregon law requires that final pay be issued in a timely manner.

Once the termination date is known, the first step to is complete the Terminate Employee online task, found in the Terminations section of this OSCAR website.

In addition to the Employment Termination form, the OSU Central Payroll Office needs additional information in some cases. This information is provided to the OSU Central Payroll Office through this Termination Pay Request online task.

Use this task when any of these conditions exist:

You will need the following information in order to complete this task:

Required authorizations

Department/Unit approver

Where to send completed form

OSU Central Payroll Office / Business Affairs
In-person delivery & campus mail: 106 Kerr Administration Building

Postal mail:
OSU Central Payroll Office
Oregon State University
PO Box 1086
Corvallis, OR 97339-1086

Additional Information

Use the "Additional Information " section in this online task to explain any information you feel will be helpful in processing the final pay.  (Items such as prior month leave-without-pay should go here.)

If for any reason you send a copy, it must be marked "COPY" to prevent duplicate processing.

Oregon law requires termination payment as follows:
Employee quits without notice: payment is due in five working days.
Employee gives 48 hours notice: payment is due on final day.
Employee is discharged: payment is due immediately.

Employees picking up checks at the OSU Central Payroll Office must bring two pieces of photo ID.  Department personnel picking up checks at the OSU Central Payroll Office will be asked to sign for them, and should also bring photo ID.

For more information regarding termination pay, refer to the Payroll Section of the Oregon State University Policies and Procedure Handbook.

Revised 06/06/14

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