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Temporary Employment Agency Request - Instructions

Complete this form to request temporary staff for your unit from a temporary employment agency.

Do not contract for temporary staff from an employment agency until you have received approval from the Human Resources staff in your Business Center.

Temporary employment agencies are an important resource for OSU departments requiring immediate staffing needs.

Temporary agencies should be used to fill short-term emergency workload needs expecting to last 30 days or less. Although there is an associated billing rate paid to the provider, the costs for temporary labor are significantly less when workers are appointed through an agency for short-term work assignments.

As a state employer, OSU is required to use a Qualified Rehabilitation Facility (QRF) to provide temporary workers. The agencies we are contracted to work with are Blue Sun Inc., DePaul Industries and The Galt Foundation. In cases where the QRF is unable to meet our specific needs, we have an exclusive contract with Barrett Business Services, Inc. Please see Temporary Staff Position Important Information for more information.

Farm laborers may be contracted through a temporary employment agency or as OSU temporary employees (Temporary Biological Sciences Research Worker). The definition of farm laborer is: nursery employees or drivers that work on acreage or facilities devoted to the raising and harvesting of nursery and foliage plants. This involves planting, fertilizing and watering, trimming, potting and repotting plants. Farm laborers also cultivate by hand, including hoeing and weeding – regardless of the crop task. Vineyard workers, landscaping and tree pruning/grafting are also covered under the farm labor requirements. Contact the Human Resources staff in your Business Center for assistance in hiring farm laborers.  If contracting a temporary employee, OSU contracts with specific agencies to provide this type of service in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Important: Contact your Business Center HR manager to identify the approved Farm Labor contractor for your department.

Required authorizations

Dean/Vice President or Designee

This request must be approved at the Dean or Vice President level. The Office of the Provost maintains the list of authorized delegated signature authorities. The individual signing as Dean or Vice President must be named on the OSU Delegated Signature Authority List.

If your Dean requires authorization from another person in his/her unit, have this person sign and date the form in the space just above the Approvals/Signatures section.

Where to send completed form

Please send to the Human Resources staff in your Business Center.

Additional information

Banner HRIS and Banner HR Data Warehouse access are not granted to temporary staff from a temporary employment agency.

Recruiting information, policies, and procedures are available at Strategic Staffing & Workforce Planning: Recruitment and Selection Resources.

Task expert

Your Business Center Human Resources staff.


Revised 04/30/15

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