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Preferred Name Changes

Complete the Employee Name Change form and send it to your Business Center Human Resources staff. Your preferred name is the name that displays in the OSU directory and on your earnings statement. The name on your social security card will be used as your preferred name, unless you specify otherwise.

Legal Name Changes

If you are an active employee (faculty, staff, or student), federal regulations require employers to validate that the employee's name on record exactly matches the name which appears on the individual's social security card to ensure proper tax reporting.

Thus, in order to reflect your name change on your personnel and payroll records, you must present your photo ID reflecting your new name to your business center human resources staff. At that time you will be asked to complete an Employee Name Change form, and a new I-9 form. Be prepared to provide acceptable I-9 supporting documents (examples: driver’s license and social security card, or passport). Completing the Employee Name Change form ahead of time and bringing it with you to the business center with your I-9 supporting documents will save time. (If you work off campus and are unable to visit the business center in person, contact the business center human resources staff for another option. They may be able to make arrangements with a department representative to complete this process.) For individuals on active unpaid appointments (courtesy, postdoctoral fellows, graduate fellows, or emeritus faculty), an I-9 is not necessary however you will be asked to show your photo ID along with your Employee Name Change form in order to verify who you are.

You must also complete a new W-4 for tax withholding at this time with the Payroll Office. Use your ONID username and password to log in to MyOSU, then go to the W-4 Tax Exemptions/Allowances page available from the Employee Information menu via Online Services.

If you have not requested a change of name with the Social Security Administration, please apply for a new social security card with the nearest Social Security Administration Office. (Note: You will need to bring an original legal document reflecting your new name to support your request for the name change. Examples of accepted legal documents include a birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, etc.) For additional information on how to apply for, replace, correct, or change your name on your social security card, visit Social Security Online.

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Revised 05/29/14


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