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Use these tasks to hire 9-month Academic Wage returing retirees.

This EPAF will setup the initial job for the employee in Banner. This task is not to reappoint into an existing terminated job. An instruction manual for EPAF is available at the following location:

S:\Restricted Shares\BC-HR Documents (from SharePoint)\60 Records Management\Banner-Data-Entry-Guides

No paper will be generated during the OSCAR task! Check the status of your transaction by going to Online Services via: MyOSU.

Rehire The person you plan to hire has held a job at OSU (or is currently holding a job at OSU that is ending) and is starting a different job (different position number.) There may or may not be a break in service with OSU.

Required authorizations

Electronic Routing using EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form):

All signatures will be collected electronically. Typical routing is from the originator (he/she who submits using OSCAR), to HR (Business Center), to Payroll (Central), to Banner.

An instruction manual for EPAF is available at the following link: EPAF Instruction Manual.

Where to send completed forms

Electronic Routing:

No action required - information will be routed electronically

Items to Attach to this Form  
Personal Demographic Form
I-9 (original document) plus supporting materials
W-4 form
Direct Deposit Authorization
Copy of the employee-signed Conditions of Academic Wage Appointment
Y = Yes       M = Maybe only if the employee wants to make changes


Where to Send Additional Documents

Please send to the Human Resources staff in your Business Center.


Additional Information

Electronic Routing:

You will not have a paper form. Your transaction will be routed electronically to an HR and a Payroll approver. Only after the data has been approved and uploaded into Banner, via a daily process, will the originator receive an email with a pdf attachment confirming the transaction. If you want to reconfirm this transaction, simply log into Online Services via MyOSU. Items will remain in history for 90 days.

You will be able to check the status of your transaction using MyOSU. Just log in, navigate to the"Employee" tab, then select "EPAF Main Menu". Then, choose EPAF Originator Summary. There are two tabs here: Current and History.

  • Current shows you the transactions which require your action.
  • History shows you all the transactions you have submitted, alphabetically by transaction last name. This is where your "Student Job Hire " transactions can be viewed.
    • Here is where you can see the "Transaction Status". If it says:
      • "Completed" then it has already loaded into Banner.
      • "Pending" means it is still in the routing queue and action is still needed. To check where it is, and what actions still need to take place, click the blue name on that particular row. It will show you the details of the transaction.
    • Scroll to the bottom, and you will see the "Routing Queue" and "Transaction History."
      • When Queue Status shows "Pending" then that is where the transaction needs action. When Queue Status shows "In the Queue," this means the transaction has not yet reached that person and is waiting for somebody else to act.


Revised 11/05/2015

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