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IMPORTANT This task is to be used to seat an employee in their tenured or tenure-track placeholder position after they have been hired through PeopleAdmin 7.0.

  • This form applies to new employees OR existing tenured or tenure-track faculty members moving into administrative appointments.
  • This form records the tenure placeholder appointment (in leave or active status) of the faculty member's tenure commitment.

  • When this task is used for an existing faculty member moving into an administrative appointment, the task is completed by the unit with the administrative assignment (in conjunction with the former department.)


    Required authorizations

    Dean/Vice President or Designee

    This request must be approved at the Dean or Vice President level. The Office of the Provost maintains the list of authorized delegated signature authorities. The individual signing as Dean or Vice President must be named on this list: OSU Delegated Signature Authority List.

    If your Dean requires authorization from another person in his/her unit, have this person sign and date the form in the space just above the Approvals/Signatures section.


    Where to send completed form

    Please send to the Human Resources representative.


    Revised 09/26/18

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