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Travel Advance Instructions

To allow university employees, students and official volunteers to obtain advances for travel on official university business regardless of the funding source.

Required authorization

Travel advances are authorized by the department. If a new employee is eligible for a Corporate Travel Card, application forms must be turned in with the request for an advance.

All international travel on a grant (restricted funds) require prior OPAA approval. Please submit a completed Foreign Travel Authorization form with any request for a foreign travel advance on a grant.

Submitting the advance

The completed request form must be submitted to your Business Center at least five working days prior to the date the advance is needed. The person responsible for repaying the advance must go to your Business Center to pick up the advance. Photo identification is required at the time the statement is signed acknowledging receipt of the advance and agreeing to the terms under which it is received.

Where to send the completed form

Submit completed forms with the travel reimbursement to your Business Center

Need help? Contact your Business Center

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