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Departmental Advance Instructions

To allow university employees conducting official university business to provide participant payments regardless of the funding source. The request must have a detailed description of what the funds are to be used for Example: Type of project, number of participant payments, 20 participants @ $20 each = $400.00 and include the IRB# if it has been assigned by the Institutional Review Board and received from the Research Office for recruitment or research involving human subjects.
Policy 407-07 Departmental Advances (Non-Travel)

Required authorization

The departmental budget authority's signature.

Submitting the request

The completed request must be submitted to your Business Center at least five working days prior to the date the advance is needed. The person responsible for repaying the advance must go to your Business Center to pick up the advance. Photo identification is required at the time the statement is signed acknowledging receipt of the advance and agreeing to the terms under which it is received. If payment is received through direct deposit the signed statement agreeing to the terms must be in your Business Center prior to the payment delivery date.

Where to send the completed form

Your Business Center

Additional information

To reconcile the Departmental Advance submit a copy of the advance request along with a Personal Reimbursement Request with all original receipts and the signatures of the participants receiving the payments. No participant signatures are submitted when an IRB# has been received from Research Office, those signatures are to remain in the department under lock and key.

The employee is reimbursed for the expenses less any amount advanced. If the total of the Personal Reimbursement Request is less than the amount advanced, the responsible party will be notified of the exact difference. This amount is due in full a that time.

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