OSCAR - Oregon State Central Administrative Resource
Build: 2018.006



PROBLEM : User doesn’t see the form after he/she clicks ‘continue’. Just sees the instruction pages, but no resulting document.

Likely Solution #1 : In 99% of the cases, the user has some kind of ‘pop-up blocker’ loaded. This can be in their browser. This could also be in a toolbar the user may have downloaded, e.g. Yahoo or Google. Finally, this pop-up blocker could be in a separate program. The user needs to locate the blocker(s) and either disable the feature or change the settings (preferences) to allow pop-ups from oscar.oregonstate.edu

Possible Solution #2 : In a few cases, the user needs to change settings in his/her Adobe application (either Reader or Acrobat). They need to check the box labeled “Display PDF in browser). This box is usually found under Edit, Preferences, Internet.

  PROBLEM : User gets a red message “Error: Contact the Help Desk.

Likely Solution #1 : In most cases, the user should FIRST log out and close OSCAR and his/her browser. Clear history/cookies. Then reopen OSCAR, log in, and try the task again. They may even try using a different browser. Usually this solves the problem. If it occurs a second time they should call HR-Center for Systems & Technology, 7-8300.

Possible Solution #2 : In some cases, the user input a symbol or character into a field that should only have numerical values. Example: the user is asked for appointment percent, and instead of inputting 100, he/she inputs 100%. Since he/she input the %, it may error out (we think we corrected all of these but you never know.)

PROBLEM : User is unable to download or upload files in Spreadsheet Tasks only. (These tasks are only available mid-April through mid-June)
Possible Solution #1 : The user clicked the “download” or “upload” button before browsing for and selecting the file.
  PROBLEM : Cannot see all of the forms.

Possible Solution #1 : The user has not logged in. Logging in requires the person to enter his/her ONID Username and Password.

Possible Solution #2 : The user does not have permissions. For some HR tasks, the user must also have HR General Query access in Banner. If the user does not have this access, he/she will not be able to see all of the HR tasks.

 PROBLEM : User logs in successfully, but when he/she goes to Online Tasks, the computer automatically ‘logs out’ and they do not see any tasks available.

Possible Solution #1 : Check security settings in browser – they may be set too high and won’t allow cookies. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Internet Options. Click the tab marked Privacy. Lower the bar to Medium

 PROBLEM : User is doing a task requiring a University ID before entering task (like Add Secondary, Employment Changes, etc.) The user inputs the ID but gets an error message.

Possible Solution #1 : The user might be entering the person’s SSN# instead of the University ID#. OSCAR only accepts University ID#s beginning with 93 and will not accept SSN#s.